Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chaos Theory

The magical figure.
The mythical quantum.
What happened to the mighty?
Into the abyss.
Where have the Knights gone?
Sanity forsaken?
Why suppress the crippled?
Why bleed the feeble?
Why still ponder?
The redeemers?
Where’s the hope?
Where are the dreamers?
Where are the achievers?
How are the tears shed?
How the despondent are engaged?
Where is the collectivism?
Where is discipline?
Where is the reason required?
Faith leaves the faithful.
Hope leaves the hopeful.
Logic abandons the reasoning.
Desperation urges the meek.
Shameless aggression impending.
Weak underpinnings .
Triumphant fabric of insatiability.
Sliver of neglect.
Linked destinys.
Naked Capitalism?
Effluent Socialism?
Sagacity dumbfounded?
Brazen desolation?
Linking of fates.
Unfailing truth.
Ashes to ashes dust to dust.
Clean slate.
Redefined passion.
Fundamental Chaos.
Indispensable Order.
Evident Caution.
Inevitable Complacence.


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